Uh-oh our son put gas into his Diesel car!

First thing to check is that both fuel filters got changed. Fuel filter changes are also very prone to letting air in the lines as well. Since there are on-going intermittant stalling issues I’d change the filters again and make sure the lines are purged of any air. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then move onto the more expensive areas.


Here is another possibility to make me believe that your son has not damaged his injection pump. As I recall, a Benz diesel injection pump has it’s own lubrication oil supply which is slowly displaced over time with diesel fuel due to slow internal leakage inside the pump due due to necessary clearances in the parts. By the same process, it would take time for the diesel fuel inside the pump to be displaced with gasoline. Some parts but not all including the cams driving the injector plungers would not quickly see gasoline to any significant extent from the fuel supply.

Not on the 83, the IP is lubricated with engine oil. The older ones had their own little oil supply. In both cases, the upper section of the IP is lubricated by the fuel. I agree that it is unlikely the IP was damaged.

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