Ugly noise

car is put in reverse. When backup, an ugly crunching nose occurs. car is sat for awhile during surgical leave. after putting vehicle in DRIVE and pulling away, noise remains but, starts to dissipate. what is that noise

Model year?
2WD or 4WD?
Odometer mileage?
Is the vehicle still covered by any of its multiple warranties?
What is its maintenance history, including date and odometer mileage of transmission fluid changes?

I am assuming that you have already checked the level, color and odor of the transmission fluid. If you have not yet done that, you need to do it before attempting to drive the vehicle again. I suggest that you check it now, and then report your findings to us, along with the answers to my other questions.

2004 Escape 4dr about 72k mileage transmission fluid is pink, level seems fine, no fluids pooling on driveway noise ahppened out of nowhere no previous signs of this issue

2WD or 4WD?

Did you check the fluid while the engine was warmed-up and running, after briefly putting the shift lever into each gear position?

When, if ever, has the transmission fluid been changed? (It should have been changed twice so far.)

sorry 4wd on the fly it may only been changed once so far if a pro-active mechanic changed it and i dont recall, could not say fluid was checked while engine warm shifts easily into all gears