UAW strike at Volvo Trucks

News coverage from a couple of days ago made it appear that the UAW had come to a contractual agreement with Volvo Trucks, at their Virginia assembly plant, but I have observed picket lines in front of the local Volvo dealership for several days–including today. Has anyone else seen those picket lines?

Is this a truck or car dealership near you? The article said that Volvo trucks and cars are different businesses.

The Volvo dealer in my city is located in an industrial area near the Kenworth and International dealers. Picketers would go unnoticed and burn in the sun.

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It’s a Volvo car dealership, which makes the picketing… curious…

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Volvo trucks is an independent business while Volvo cars was split off in '99 when Ford bought them. Now owned by Chinese carmaker Geely. I doubt that is commonly known since they use the same logo.

I knew that but didn’t know trucks were not included. Wonder why they don’t at least add their own logo.

Because the brand language is very valuable and they wished to keep that for the trucks as well as the cars.