A new headache for VW

The UAW has won the right to represent skilled workers at VW’s Chattanooga assembly plant.
While this only has to do with the skilled people who maintain the machines and machine tools (the rank & file assembly line workers will not be represented by The UAW), I think that this still presents yet another challenge for a company that is trying to deal with internal problems of a different sort.


I’m sure the company doesnt like the idea,but many of the workers do,maybe its time for people with a good job,to be cautious?(BTW,most workers are skilled)

VW has a lot of experience dealing with unions in Europe. IIRC, VW said they welcome unionization in their US operqtions a few years ago.

European unions and US unions are different beasts.

I don’t see a problem with the unions…I wish that companies treated their employees well enough that they don’t think they NEED a union.

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In Germany Unions sit on the Board of Directors. VW in the US was quite accommodating to have a union, but initially the employees turned it down!!!

The relationship will be very different that the adversarial model we have in the US and Great Britain .