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Two vehicles

Hello I’m here for some advice seeing what u guys think I have two pickups a 2001 ram 318 4x4 and a 2008 5.6 nissan titan I currently own the ram , I am making payments on the titan I’m about halfway thru paying . The titan has warranty on the engine and transmition for another 2 years or so , it also has full coverage . I currently drive the ram as my daily driver becouse I’m worried about vehicle getting damaged or tampered with at work, what vehicle would u guys drive daily my ram only has liability

I’m curious…
Why would you assume that the Ram would be vulnerable to damage/tampering at work, but that the Titan wouldn’t be vulnerable to the same type of vandalism?

If I worked at a place where people were known to vandalize other people’s vehicles, I would drive the oldest/least valuable vehicle possible, or… better yet… I would attempt to have the management police their grounds in order to deter vandalism.


First question is can the Titan be sold for enough to pay off loan ? After that then what ever lets you sleep at night .

Ya pretty much the titan has low mileage no dents or scratches vs the ram already somewhat beat up

I own a 1998 Dodge Ram, for a daily driver I use a mid-sized 4 cylinder car, the Ram weighs 5200 lbs and gets 12 MPG in the city.