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Two new tires on the front of a 4x4 truck?


So i’ve always thought that with a four wheel drive SUV (not AWD) that if you are going to put two new tires on, and the current front tires are in decent shape, you can move them to the rear and put the new ones on the front. Click&Clack answered this for a pickup (i’m assuming 2x4) and an AWD CRV, but i’ve never seen the reasoning behind putting the new tires on the rear when all your braking and steering is done up front.


On any vehicle you put the best tires on the back because if the rear tires lose traction while braking but the fronts are better tires and don’t, the back of your car will try to go faster than the front of your car with the result of putting you into a spin.

I always put the best on the front, I reasoned that steering and braking trumped traction, now if you have a tire than is so worn that it’s ability to provide traction is compromised it does not belong on front or rear

The only car I have ever spun out (rear end came around) was a 67, 911 It didn’t matter what tire you have if you lift off the gas in on corner, for those of you who know Southern CA. it was on Topanga Canyon Blvd (the pass through the Santa Monica Mts. to the beach) I couldn’t believe I didn’t go over the edge.