Acura CL - Tires go where...?

I’ve got 4 bad tires and can only afford two so back to the question, where do i put my bad tires on the front or on the rear

so you have bald tires on a brand new car on a model they dont make any more. put the new ones on the front.

Wrong !!! Many tire shops will not put new tires if only buying 2 on the front . The practice for several years is that 2 only new ties go on the rear no matter the drive system - FWD , RWD or all wheel drive.


that is true about what they say. but personally if I had 4 bad tires I would rather have a blow out on the rear and still be able to steer. but then again I will never have 4 bad tires.


What you do is your concern but don’t give advice to someone that goes against the industry standard.

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I stand corrected.

If you never rotate usually you end up with 2 bad tires. Maybe you rotate them but like to get your moneys worth. I’d look for a used set on CL. But, I’m not you

Since it’s August, I’d do what the tire shops suggest and put the new ones in back. Then, I’d rotate them to the front for winter traction (FWD car). If possible, I’d also have saved up enough money to get two more for the back.

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I’d get used tires from a used tire shop before I only replaced 2 out of 4 “bad” tires. 4 mediocre tires is better than 2 good and 2 bad.


Are you only able to afford 2 cheap new tires? I’d find 4 of the least expensive decent tires I could afford. Borrow from family. Bald tires are a huge safety risk.


The best traction has to be in the rear. A car with bad grip in the rear (especially on snow) will end up in a spin if you really have to brake. The car usually does this while braking during a turn. A crowned road is also bad news.


… and then rotate them–perhaps for the very first time–every 5k to 7.5k miles, and you will never again be in the position of having only two badly-worn tires.

Here’s what Goodyear says:

I always do the front tires. They are the work tires on my FWD.

Wavy , you really need to change that thought . It is not the work that the tires do . It is the fact that the rear tires can hydroplane and actually go in a direction so quick that control of the vehicle is completly lost . Stop by a tire store and have them explain it to you and watch some videos by the major tire manufactures.


When front tires lose grip or blow out it is usually quite easy to take your foot off the gas and regain control. When rear tires lose grip or blow out you quickly get massive oversteer that makes the car want to swap ends. This is a very dangerous condition that MOST drivers cannot control. This is WHY you should put your best tires on the rear of your car. Period. End of story.


Thank for the comments, the shop has always told me that. I have always vetoed it. Maybe I should just always get 4 new tires.
Since I am here … I mostly do not rotate tires as I figure the ~$100 it would cost to rotate each year would double the cost of the tires for a small amount of additional wear…

I know I am an old curmudgeon.

And that is why all of the major tire companies state that the best tires should go on the rear.
Additionally, a reputable tire shop will usually refuse to put new tires on only the front wheels.

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And just one more reason the good tires go on the rear - what do you do when there is a problem? You hit the brakes. Good traction on front + bad traction on rear = a spin in slippery conditions.

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When buying 4 tires so many have rebates or buy 3 get one just buying 2 at a time makes no sense.

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