Two mechanic shops completely stumped: Subaru Forester 2004 manual, popping noise

2004 Subaru Forester, manual
Car 160K
Engine 80K
Water pump new
clutch new
timing belt new
other stuff new
(6 months and $5,000 dollars later…hey I thought my Subaru was a deal when I bought it for $6,000. Guess the joke was on me!)

and now…
New left CV axle new


Driven when cool, perfectly fine
Driven when warm, problems

When making sharp right or left turns (forward or reverse) there is a loud popping noise(as described by my mechanic, I think its more of a knocking noise).
The vibrations feel as though the problem is located approx near the beginning of the transmission and the driver seat and middle console. Not a scientific test though. :slight_smile:
The noise speeds and slows with the speed.
Put the car in neutral when turning and the noise persists.

Initially the mechanic thought it was the CV axle, replaced it, the same problem persists. Their next guess is transmission or rear differential.
Took it to another shop, same first guess. No second guess
Called the Subaru shop and will take it there next, but over the phone they gave the same first guess (CV axle, but as we all know that was the first diagnosis and replacing it did nothing.)

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! :slight_smile:

Does this Subaru have the automatic or manual transmission?

If it is an automatic, have the mechanic disable to rear wheel power transfer and see if that eliminates or changes the noise.