Two items of note

On the topic of building lighting, flourecents require a ballast circuit and the bulbs are connected to each other electrically and may unbalance the circuit if replaced separately.

Also with, the on again, off again truck. My wife drives a `91 Corsica with 150K miles and the 3 coil pack ignition. It had been having identical symptoms to the truck in question. I had also been driven crazy replacing fuel pump and strainer (quite dirty), fuel filter, cleaning injectors, replacing plug wires, and then coils. All of which got the car going for a short time and then the problem returned. What finally FIXED the problem was when I replaced the coil mounting plate that houses the ignition firing module. When I had them side by side, it was apparent that the original had heat blued and I remembered the Summer before that she had a heater core leak (external under the firewall) and had overheated the car with no apparent damage.