Should you replace the ignition coils when you replace the ignition coil housing on a late model car

A shop replaced the ignition coil housing on my 1988 Olds Cutlass a couple of months ago. The car showed the same problem (rough running and an electrical smell) yesterday. Now they say the actual coils need to be replaced. The coils were not mentioned before, so I am wondering if they had overlooked an important part of the original repair job or is it just bad luck on my part?

If the engine uses coil packs, the ignition coil housing is actually the ignition module.

To determine if there’s a problem with any of the coil packs, it’s a simple matter of swapping coil packs with each other to see if the miss moves with the coil pack. If it doesn’t then the problem is with the ignition module.


How many coils does it have?

it has two coils