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Two different mechanics/two different diagnoses

I have a 2007 Mazda5. I had to replace all 4 tires at 22,000 miles, then replace 2 again at 54,000 miles and the other two again at 63,000 (plus one tire tore up in between). A Mazda dealer that works on the car just told me I need new struts and bearings (saying that’s the reason for the extra wear in the center of the tires). Cost for the repairs: just under $1,000. However, a Meineke shop said what I really need is a new inner tie rod end. Cost: just under $500. Now I am thoroughly confused and wonder if my car needs ANY repair. Does anyone have any advice on how to determine what – if anything – needs fixing? Would it be dangerous to just continue driving the car and wait to see what breaks?
Carol Marie

If you do not know a shop that you trust, talk to all your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to see where they go for car repairs. There should be a few names recommended more than once. Those are good places to get another opinion.

One more thing: Bad struts indicates that you drive over a very rough road much of the time. Poor road conditions like potholes, poorly anchored road repair plates, and deteriorated expansion joints at bridges can damage the suspension. Taking speed humps at more than 20 MPH (sometimes more than 10 MPH) can also damage your suspension. I don’t know that you drive on roads like this and I don’t know you, and that’s why I bring it up.

Do yourself a favor and find a good independent mechanic.

Third opinion maybe at tire and alignment shop or independent known to fix these things well.

Excessive wear in middle of a tire usually means overinflated tires, not worn suspension parts.

I suspect “wear in the middle” means wear on the inner edge - a common complaint for Mazda5’s.

The cause is too much camber. You need to get an alignment and have the shop dial out as much camber as they can.