Twice as much oil as needed

I recently had my oil changed and they forgot to take out the old oil before filling with the new oil. The car started billowing smoke so I stopped. What could have happened if I kept driving with that much oil in my car?

If the oil level got up to the crankshaft, the rotoating crankshaft would have aerated or entrained air into the oil. When this aerated oil gets to the oil pump the oil pump stops pumping oil and the engine loses oil pressure and the engine is damaged.


so the mechanic who told me not to worry…you can drive it to your event and bring it in in the morning… gave me really bad advice…

Very bad advice; you could also blow your seals and be in for further expensive repairs.

Yes, the mechanic gave you very bad advice.
If he is really a mechanic, I suggest that you avoid his establishment–other than to force him to make the engine repairs that will very likely be necessary.

If this was a quick-lube place, I think that you have learned why we advise people to NEVER patronize these places. Hopefully, you have also learned why we advise people to check their dipstick a.s.a.p. after an oil change, just because of situations like this.

This is perhaps the pinnacle of incompetence. To not drain the oil is one thing, but to not check the oil level on the dipstick before releasing a car to the customer is just totally incomprehensable. You must find someone else to work on your car, this shop just can’t be trusted with the simplest of jobs.

Even worse, not only can’t they be trusted with the simplest of jobs, they also can’t be trusted to make it right when they do botch something. Telling you that you could continue to drive the car was the worst advice he could give short of telling you it’s ok to drive with no oil at all.

I learned my lesson! I’ve been there before and the other manager’s have been great- but this is a new guy…total apathy…even I could see from the dipstick that there was way too much oil! And with attitude… I’ve contacted cooporate to make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else.

I brought my car to a Mercedes shop only after driving it for a few miles with check engine light on…they changed the oil correctly…car seems to be running fine, but do you think I should bring it in again to make sure everything is ok?

“I’ve contacted cooporate to make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else.”

It is permissible to identify companies in this forum, even if the comment is not flattering to them.

For everyone’s benefit, can you please identify the corporation for us?

Yes, Guilford, CT(Boston Post Rd.) Valvoline. Like I’ve said, in the past they have been great, but this “manager” made the wrong move! I’m a local business owner who will never refer another person to them again…such a shame. I like to support local biz.

To be fair, corporate has been VERY receptive so far…I wrote them an email and the next day I got a response to take action…just waiting to see what they’re going to do. I understand about workers, but the “manager” who checked my car needs to find another job…
That is why I want to know if I should hold Valvoline responsible for a full inspection of the car even though it seems fine…

You’re pretty much stuck now, and will just have to hope for the best. To determine any damage, you would have to have the engine torn down. If you were to do that, then you might as well rebuild or replace it. It may have done anything from shortening the life of the engine by 10 minutes to 10 years.
It may have also damaged some of the seals, that should show up quickly if it did. Keep checking for oil leaks for the next several days.

Thank you. will do.

there are shady places out there. I had a 88 grand am trans issue that was a $3 switch. They tore the trans apart and showed me metal filings etc. after 1300 bucks, it still wouldn’t lock up into OD. I took it to a local garage and they fixed it for the $3 part plus minor labor. they even helped me write and approve a letter to take the orig place (a major chain that had many BBB complaints and small claims court filings) to court. This happens. I’ll never look in the phone book and do that again.