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Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation 'Dale'

Ever seen one? Driven one? I heard a review of an HBO documentary mini-series about it on Fresh air today - quite a story!

There is one in the Peterson Museum but reportedly it’s not always on display

The Dale was a classic scam much like the Elio. A “car” that was actually a motorcycle (3 wheels) that promised great MPG’s and low, low price, and startling performance…none of which was ever delivered.

Hype, investor cash infusion, implosion, and no “cars” were ever delivered to customers.

Exactly like the Elio, the Aptera and the Corbin Sparrow… some of which were actually built in small numbers.

Did you see that Aptera has resurfaced? They started taking orders not long before Christmas. Now they say it has a solar panel on the roof that’ll add a few miles of range per hour, and they’re claiming the overall range is 1,000 miles.

I’ll believe that when I see it, but C&D seemed to take it seriously. They spent a whole article talking about all the good stuff, and only right at the end did they even hint that it might be vaporware. I seem to recall when that magazine was a little less credulous.

Parts 1&2 are going to be on HBO this Sunday night, at least that’s what my DVR has scheduled, with part3 coming next week.

The company claims to have over 11,000 deposits but i doubt more than a handful will really end up placing an actual order. They claim to be starting production next year and expect to build about 1,500 cars the first year. May be like Faraday where they get people hyped up but leave you waiting.

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Another scam IMO is/was the VV1 (based on the Carver) which became Persu Mobility. It was claimed that it was going to be on the road in 2006, along with a dealer network, when nothing existed but a computer generated picture. Then it was 2007, then 2008, then 2009,…with the originator bailing at some point. When doubts and questions set in the forum on that site was shut down.

The website is still up with claims of releasing them in 2014 along with a list of management and a place to reserve one for a grand. I suspect what they are doing is just bleeding some investments and grants dry with perpetual BS. First round of funding way back when was 6 million or so and they still are claimed to be a vehicle manufacturer although nothing has ever been manufactured.