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Turning off auto-stop in 2020 Buick Envision

auto stop engine feature annoying. 2020 Buick Envision. Is it possible that it be set as a default to “Not come on” when the vehicle is started. Otherwise I have to turn it off everytime I drive.


If it were possible then the vehicle wouldn’t meet the EPA fuel economy rating, that would be a problem for the manufacture. Best to choose a vehicle that meets your requirements.

There likely is a way to have the default set to “off” For newer Fords. You can use a program called “FORscan” to turn features on or off or even edit some aspects of them. One of the options you can do is edit the startup parameters so the auto-stop is defaulted to off upon engine start.

It’s not a user-friendly program, you’re basically editing the information stored in the various modules of the car. No set of values is labeled or anything.But it is interesting. I used to change the theme of the infotainment system on my Mustang to that of the Ford GT supercar. But you can do much more than that with it. There’s probably a similar way to change the perimeters around on a GM or other type of vehicle as well. With that said, If you brick your infotainment system whilst using such a program, Buick isn’t going to cover it under warranty.


As another poster alluded to, there obviously is a way to turn off these annoying “features” for the simple reason that fleet and law enforcement versions of these vehicles do not have the features enabled. Thus, it is certainly possible to reprogram the onboard computers to disable the unwanted features, such as auto-stop/restart.

The question, of course, is whether a GM dealer would agree to do such a thing, or whether an independent shop would have a scan tool capable of doing it, or whether you would need to purchase a particular scan tool and download some sort of hacking software to accomplish your goal.

Truly an irritating and worthless feature that we have discussed adnauseum here before. Some think it’s the cats whiskers but I’ve rented several now and when it’s 90 degrees
out and the air shuts off at a stop light . . . Not to mention the higher priced battery and starter. There are several conditions that cause it to not enable if you read the manual. One of them is if it thinks the hood is ajar. Hot wiring the switch though might turn the ajar light on which might be more irritating. Maybe I’m mixing Jeep and GM.

I just purchased a 2020 Envision and I feel your pain. You cannot permanently disabled this without the risk of voiding the warranty. It’s becoming extremely hard to find a vehicle without this feature. I recommend you do as I did and just except the fact that it’s there. On the bright side, the start stop function on mine operated much more smoother and quicker than any of the models that I test drove. I was considering saving money and getting a GMC Terrain, but the deal breaker was that you couldn’t even turn off this feature at all. The button to turn it off is easily accessible on the Envision. My advice is to adapt. Some of the ways to stop it from functioning is to release the brake pedal just as you stop, before the autostop activates, then creep for a couple of feet then stop again. Or shifting to another neutral before stopping. Things like that. But way too much dancing for me. Just touch the off button or let it do it’s thing.

You can get a module to defeat by mimicking the button push or hood open.

Not all vehicles with this feature use the starter to restart the engine.

Some use the engine to restart the engine.


Wow that’s $130 for a plug in that just switches wires around at the hood latch. It also messes with the remote start function. After a few years, I might learn wich wires to switch and try it. If it’s real important to disable it might be worth a try. But it says it is for 2016 - 2018 years.

I’d just get used to the stop/start. After a couple of months it wouldn’t be a problem to me.