Turn Your Wipers Skyward?

In the Northeast, we’re bracing for a snow storm this afternoon. I often see people turn their windshield wipers up and away from their windshields in preparation for a storm. I’m assuming this is to prevent damage to the blades from scraping or adhesion to the glass. Any opinions or evidence on whether or not this is a worthwhile practice?

I just make sure mine aren’t frozen in place before I turn them on.

People in hot countries do the same; the intense heat will almost fuse the rubber to the glass. Banging an ice scraper into a good windshield wiper blade makes no sense. I also carry a frost shield which completely covers the windshield and is kept in place by closing the front doors on it. It does away with scraping when ice storms or sticky snow is expected.

In Russia many cars drive around with no wipers; when rain starts the drivers scramble to install them. Out there wipers get stolen routinely.

I don’t see any reason for it. I ALWAYS scrape my windows after it’s snowed or freezing rain BEFORE I turn the wipers on.

I’m more likely to unfreeze the wipers, start the car, turn on the wipers and defrosters, and go have a coffee while the whole thing thaws out. Two coffees if it’s below 15F.

Your assumptions are correct.

I’ve never done it and never had a problem, but it’s probably a good idea.

Docnick mentioned a frost shield…I use an old rug to cover the windshield. When I hear about possible ice, I admit–i lift the wipers and stand them up…no use having them freeze to the glass

I often (not always) do this when a winter storm is on the way. Having the wipers off the glass makes it easier to scrape/clean the windshield, especially after an ice storm. Nothing in the way, and you can clean the whole thing. It certainly isn’t necessary to raise the wipers, but I can’t see how it hurts anything.

Be aware the wiper blades will still have ice stuck to them that you’ll have to clean off before use.