Turbocharged car

Can anyone tell me exactly what a turbocharged car is? Thank you. abxxx

It’s a supercharger that is driven by the engines exhaust gasses being directed through a turbine and using that energy to drive the compressor (supercharger) that is force-feeding air into the engine greatly increasing its power…

Power that an engine makes is directly tied to the amount of air and fuel that can be sucked into the cylinders.

Normal cars, known as normally aspirated, suck air into the cylinders on the down stroke of the piston. The total amount of air and fuel that is possible to get sucked in is determined by the size of the cylinder and the depth of the piston stroke.

Turbo cars use a compressor driven by the exhaust to put more air and fuel into the cylinder than the engine can suck in by itself. The intake sir is ‘blown’ into the cylinders at a pressure higher than atmospheric, allowing more air and fuel than the engine can suck in by itself. More air and more fuel means more power.

Gawd, do some research!