Tune up

I have a 2002 Toyota, that has 83000 miles on it. My question is when do I have it tuned up

On a computer-controlled fuel injected car (such as anything made in the past 15-20 years or so) a “tune up” is a misnomer. In the old days you had to set the timing, spark advance, etc manually. Nowadays, the computer controls this and all you have to do is install new spark plugs and wires. How often? Refer to your owners manual for this and other routine maintenance necessities.

There is no such thing as a “tune up” anymore. Your OWNER’S MANUAL has a maintenance supplement that will tell you what needs to be done and when.

At your mileage typical things that should have already been done would be:

  1. timing belt change, if it has one
  2. spark plugs, maybe spark plug wires
  3. Change transmission fluid and filter
  4. flush cooling system and replace coolant
  5. Check brakes and reline as needed, change brake fluid
  6. check all belts and hoses underhood, replace as necesary
  7. change air filter, at this mileage the 5th or 6th.

The above items are those that I and other posters would address as a minimum, if we inherited such a car without any background information.

Please read your owner’s manual; it has all that stuff in it.

Given the age there are a few things that are getting old. What is important is how does it run? If it runs smooth with no unsteady idle all is as it should be. If it has a intermittent miss or poor fuel economy wires and plugs may be in order. Wires breakdown over time and poor spark can result. Fuel injectors can get plugged and go bad. Try a fuel injector treatment or two and see if that is helping. Your spark plugs can go bad or at least become eroded and out of spec for the gap.
While it is popular to claim that these things last the stated mileage on the manual I have never seen it happen for a spark plug or wire to last 100k miles as is often claimed. Years can make the difference. Eight years is a lot of time.

The manual MAY have all this in it. I have to say that this is usually stated as you need dealer service with no details. That said you are just right on the parts and fluids. This poster just does not tell us how long he has had the car any any history of work.

Your owner’s manual tells you the time or mileage when services should be done. As in, when to change oil, replace spark plugs, timing belt and all other required maintenance.

Whether you call that a “tune up” or “maintenance” is not important. It is more important to do the required maintenance at the right time.

The real answer to your question depends on whether you’re the original owner or a new owner of a used car.

If it has an automatic transmission, I would adding a transmission fluid change (not a flush) ever 25 - 50,000 miles. Don’t wait for it to show signs of a problem. Other than that, most everything is listed in the owner’s manual.