Tune Up Costs

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla with 92000 miles. I tam getting a high mileage oil change And was told that I need a Tuneup and my breaks cleaned. I was also tlod that the coil needed to be replaced. I was quoted a price of Approx.$915.Does this sound reasonable?

Told by WHO?? This sounds a little shakey…Brakes seldom if ever need to “cleaned”…If you have no misfire, the coil is fine…The term “Tuneup” can mean anything the shop wants it to…Read your owners manual to determine what services you may REALLY need.

Having the transmission serviced, along with the cooling system makes more sense to me than the ambiguous 'Tuneup"…

A shop that wants to “clean your BRAKES” is usually one that is just adding unnecessary costs to your invoice. That, coupled with the vague, meaningless “tuneup” terminology would make me wary of this particular shop.

As was suggested, take out your Owner’s Manual, make a list of the procedures for the 90k mile service, and take that list to a couple of shops for an estimate. More than likely, you will get an estimate for less than half of the quote that you were already given.

I’m with the other posters on this. This shop is trying to clean out your bank account.

Make mine another vote to read the recommended maintenance schedule that came with the owner’s manual. I’m guessing they’ll have recommended a sparkplug change and perhaps a few checks, but if you needed a new coil you’d have a Check Engine Light lit and brake cleaning is an attempt to clean out your wallet.

I’m curious, was this a dealer or a quickie lube place?
And did they also tell you you need high mileage oil (you do not)?