Tune a carburetor

I was having trouble with pressing the gas and my engine dieing. I replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, messed with the carburetor, and replaced the fuel pump. How do I go back and fix the carbureter after I mesed it up? Anyone know where I can find specs on a carburetor assemble model #923808

The best way to adjust the mixture screws is, with the engine up to operating temperature and off, turn the mixture screws all the way in until they seat. Now turn the mixture screws out 2-1/2 to 3 turns. Start the engine. Turn one mixture screw in until the engine starts to stumble and turn it out until the engine smooths out. Repeat on the second mixture screw.


Often, when the engine dies when pressing on the gas pedal, the problem is with the accelerator pump in the carb. Verify that it squirts gas down the carb throat when an assistant steps on the gas. You should be able to google the carb make and model to get specs on-line.