Trying to identify a car part

Hi. I was watching a video about a tuned Elantra 2009 and saw this part but I don’t know what is it and it’s purpose.

Looks like a sort of shock absorber designed to limit the amount of engine inertial twist on acceleration.

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It is called an engine damper… but it is exactly as George describes.

Do a huge clutch-dump and the engine will try and tear the engine mounts out of the car. Added power and better tires makes that worse!

The added engine damper is like a shock absorber. There may already be a smaller one located a little lower on the engine somewhere around the bell housing. When HP is increased and higher performance tires added, a larger damper is needed to reduce wheel hop.

The wheel hop occurs when the engine starts rocking back and forth on the motor mounts. This is the reason for the additional dampening.

Honda had electronically controlled hydraulic engine mounts 20+ years ago. This is an equivalent of a crutch.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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So does Chevy, Porsche and others.

Like any other component, it is there to widen the operational envelope. It allows softer mounts for comfort yet still control engine rotation with a powerful engine.

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