Trunk shaking really bad

I have a carbon fiber after market trunk, that doesnt sit 100% perfectly, and since its light plastic or actual carbon fiber the 2 pound trunk shakes hard with the dual 12"s in the trunk

how can i reduce the shaking from the trunk?

Go back to OEM metal?
use carpet or some kind of sound reducer.

speakers are facing me with back seats taken out so i dont mind sound cancelling the top of the trunk if itll stop rattling from the outside during drops.

You may have hit a harmonic frequency for the trunk. You could try lining the trunk with a sound deadening material. Also, the trunk should seat well on the rubber gaskets. When it doesn’t, that keeps the gasket from damping the vibrations. I’d try seating it properly first, the see if the problem remains.

ill go out and take a picture of the unevenness and you can make a call if i should try to readjust it.

I need a new trunk anyways because the carbon fiber is sun damaged.

that one inch gap causing the rattling ?

Yes, thatbis causing the rattle. Clearly the weatherstrip and stops are not in contact with the lid. I would not be surprised if it leaks as well.

I’d switch back to metal.

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only leaks if its wet and i open the trunk while wet, then itll drip inside otherwise nothing really.

So even with another aftermarket trunk it wont sit right?

More pics would be helpful. Other side and whole back at a minimum. See how the whole thing is up compared to adjacent body lines? Yet the center back looks tight to bumper cover. At least best can see so more pics helpful. If both sides up but center back lines up, i bet this car was tapped from behind, pushing structure upward. The lid does not appear distorted or tweaked enough for that gap. Did you buy it with that trunklid? Did it ever fit correctly?

You are going to get new trunk? Why are you asking about current trunk then?

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Cavell is being logical ! Is that allowed ? :wink:

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The one you have doesn’t sit right… did it ever?

Or maybe it wasn’t adjusted properly from the beginning. I don’t have any way of knowing.

I’d use the metal one because it is stiffer thus raising its resonant frquency hopefully above the range of your woofers.


If the trunk is made like a regular metal trunk underneath,you could attach some weight bars with tie wraps until the shaking stops. The best way to stop that shaking is to go back to OEM metal trunk like other mentioned.

OEM parts will always fit better than any aftermarket part, as a general rule.

Because the people who built the car also designed all the parts to perfectly fit.

Poor fitting aftermarket parts are nothing new. Some may remember the Shaker hoods on the 70s era Plymouth Hemi Cudas.
Those hoods were done by an outside company much like Shelby did with Ford. The fit was pretty bad.

The fit on that trunk lid is even worse than the Hemi Cuda hoods. Note it won’t close because it’s already against the center lamps and still needs another inch. I say go back to the stock trunk lid.

was thinking about new trunk, otherwise if i shift it more into place watching videos to readjust it. Then i could just get a carbon fiber wrap and add or gaskets and seals and noise reduct materail to the top

Since it wasn’t leaking i let it be, haven’t ever messed with adjusting a trunk so thinking i could make it worse then it is. But recently from the outside the shaking has bothered me. Will call some junk yards and see if i can snag a non-damaged trunk for cheap.

Thanks for the recommendation as well

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Have you considered running a normal sound system? I know the object of trunk-thunker setups is to “impress” people within 500 yards of your car, but all it does is annoy them and make them think you’re an obnoxious jerk.

BTW, the one thing the bass-heads always miss is the license plate. You can dampen the trunk lid all you want, but if you don’t address the plate you’ll still get a dorky sounding buzz every time the bass hits.


kk ill make sure to hit the license plate/ and license plate cover since it has a “braZZers” license cover.

The point of system wasn’t exactly to show off this cool thing you can hear a football field away, it’s for the type of music i listen to. Like EDM or hiphop with fast beat, hard drops, just to feel my body wobble out of place if that makes sense. I really miss concerts and moshpits and having huge cell towers shake my whole body, so this is what we got for now to replace that til the rona is over.

Was also having inner thought, grab the scrap OEM trunk and just wrap the trunk vs buying a literal carbon fiber trunk.

also can wrap carbon fiber sundamage the same as regular carbon fiber?

idk why i like being obxious with diffusers, splitters and big exhaust on the back so people know the car is modded and that lane is about to take off once the light turns green.

but yeah this whole shaking thread is for people around me, i cannot hear the trunk inside the car is straight bass. So for everyone elses sake this time around im worrying about. Otherwise if i liked being obnixous i would ask how do i make my trunk shake more! haha, all good tho.

No, because vinyl wrap is designed to be used in the sun… faux carbon fiber or heavy metal flake or single color wraps.

Carbon fiber parts can be finished with a UV light protective epoxy resin to prevent sun damage… yours obviously wasn’t.