Trunk lid of 2012 Avalon will not hold unless completely opened

After four years, how did you fix it? All I will ad for the benefit of everyone reading this is that I bought an OEM spoiler for our 08 Acura way back. It came with two new stiffer torsion bars to be installed because of the weight of the spoiler. It was a bear to put them on and had to make a tool that looked like the Acura factory tool. Yeah it was heavier and needed the stronger springs. I guess I would have checked to see what you got exactly with the spoiler kit just to see if new springs came with it, then you could have discussed it with the dealer. I can understand why they might not have wanted to put the springs on and tried to tell you no.

This is weird - A person logs on and revives a 4 year old thread and does not really have the same problem. Has put up with the same problem trunk lid bouncing off their heads for 4 years and 2 hours after their first post they say they fixed it and does not say how.

I am going to go have more coffee now.

Make mine an Irish coffee. After reading what you pointed out in your post, I think it’s appropriate. :rofl:

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