'Trump, Facing Farmers' Discontent, Plans Help for Ethanol'

' The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture jointly proposed new rules on Friday that would increase ethanol consumption at the expense of oil refineries to help corn and soybean farmers buffeted by President Trump's trade wars.

'The plan would overhaul the system of quotas for ethanol, a fuel that is made from corn and other crops, as they blend their fuels. Its overall goal is to increase the sale of the biofuel beyond the current mandate of 15 billion gallons annually.

‘It also will ensure that a gasoline blend made of 15 percent ethanol will be available at the pumps already in place at most gas stations, rather than requiring the installation of new pumps. The proposal also includes trade measures to increase the access of ethanol to foreign markets.’

Once again the general population gets screwed by politics. I think my 2010 Kia Forte can survive E15 but will suffer even worse fuel mileage than E10. My state charges fuel tax by the gallon they will love this even more than they loved E10.


We’re getting ready to get a new car, and it’ll take E15 without issue. But we also have older cars that won’t be happy about it. It’s really obnoxious that the farm lobby can convince politicians to damage the country’s vehicle fleet so they can make more money. And it’s not just Trump/the Republicans - the Democrats do it too when they’re in power. The farm lobby really does wag the dog.


Well, this is Trump trying to appease the farmers that he hurt with his tariffs. Bad ideas on top of each other.


Typical of this administration, moreso than any I can recall since I started voting in the 1970s.


Corn shouldn’t be wasted on making ethanol. Let’s make it legal for the the good old boys to.operate their stills. The competition would drive down the price of corn squeezings. I want corn squeezings in my stomach and not in my car’s fuel tank.


I don’t think it’s right you can make apple’ grape’s orange’s etc into liquid & not get in trouble, but when you use corn or other grain’s you are in big trouble

As far as corn squeezings, have you noticed adult beverages labeled‘gluten free’? Like gluten could make it through the distillation process.


Corn bread has gluten in it. That may confuse people that aren’t familiar with baking. The gluten comes from the flour used, not the cornmeal. Folks with gluten intolerance may avoid liquor made from grain because it’s what they don’t know that bothers them, not what they do know.

That is similar to folks with a peanut allergy, who tend to avoid many restaurants.
In my neck of the woods, for several decades there was a very popular casual restaurant that went out of business following a law suit. It seems that the family of a highly peanut-allergic little girl went there for dinner, and Mom asked the waitress if any of their chosen menu items were fried in peanut oil. The waitress assured them that peanut oil wasn’t used in that kitchen.

Yup… you guessed it… the waitress was poorly-informed, the child was served something that was fried in peanut oil, and she rapidly went into anaphylatic shock. Even though the hospital was less than 2 miles away, the little girl died before the EMTs arrived.

The resto went out of business shortly after the family won their Wrongful Death lawsuit, and… yes… it’s what you don’t know that can turn out to be deadly.

We can get non ethanol gas here, maybe that will get taken away as well. I’m kind of wondering how this would effect my 64 Plymouth, maybe it would just be some tuning on the carb

Small farms are of no concern, SAD. Corn farmers also I imagine, big business is killing the little guy. “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out,” Perdue said. “I don’t think in America we, for any small business, we have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability.”

Funny you should say that. I was talking to an Ethanol plant manager, probably 10 or 15 years ago. He said they have to have a storage tank of gasoline on site to mix with the ethanol, because otherwise they’re making massive amounts of moonshine and would run afoul of liquor production laws.

Some cheaper liquor has stuff added to it post-distillation to disguise the fact that they didn’t make a very good product. So, some liquors could indeed have gluten in it.

They heft all these screwed up CAFE requirements on the public and then they reduce mileage by 15% by using this crap in gas . Real environmentally conscious .


There are a lot of different interest groups in this greater group you call “they”. The group that wants the 2012 CAFE standards reinstated are not likely the same group that wants E15 gasoline. The CAFE advocates likely live in large metro areas on the east and west coasts while the E15 folks likely all live in Midwestern corn states.


And before people get too invested in thinking California is insane with their pollution regulations, remember that there’s a reason they’re so over the top with it. This is LA circa 1975:

In 1943 the smog was so bad that people thought the Axis powers were launching a gas attack.

California saw a real problem and they realized they had to take harsh steps to correct it, and it worked. Now that LA air is much, much better, it’s silly to say that their push for clean air is misguided because it’s the reason the air is better.

It reminds me of the people who like to rag on the government for taking steps to stop the destruction of the ozone layer. “All these years later and the ozone layer is still here, so that was stupid.” No, it’s still here because we took those steps. Those steps were necessary. Averting disaster is not the same thing as “the disaster was never going to happen no matter what.”


You could be onto something!

Years ago, I purchased a container of elephant repellent powder from a kind door-to-door salesperson.

I was skeptical at first, and it was quite expensive, but it worked extremely well!

Honestly, we have had no pesky elephants anywhere near our property for as long as I can remember!:smirk:

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And now this administration wants to take away states rights. They want to strip California the right to setup their own environment regulations. Just another example of the GOP’s blatant hypocrisy. For decades the GOP beat the drum on states rights…but now they are against any states rights.


Not car related but a few years ago I needed a new gas lawn mower . I had a choice between a CARB ( California Air Recourse Board ) or one that wasn’t. I chose the CARB model . We should be making pollution improvements instead of going backwards.
I now have a cordless mower so I can mow on Ozone alert days.

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