Truck Won't Start

I have a 2000 Chevy 1-ton van that when I turned it off and then went to start it again wouldn’t start. We pushed it back into a parking space waited for a couple of minutes and then it started right up. The van did the same thing last week and we took it into the shop they replaced the fuel pump and filter. I noticed that there is no voltage showing and my day running lights do not come on. It almost acts like the computer in not reading. Can anyone give me some insight to this problem. This is my work truck and I need to get it fixed ASAP

explain “there is no voltage showing” and “the computer in not reading”.
what engine, how many miles?

I have 5.7 350 and the volt meter on the dash shows no volts. I have no check engine light or any other gauges. It cranks strong but won’t start.

I would say you either have a blown fuse or a bad connection in the power distribution to the areas you mentioned. Check the fuses in the dash and under the hood if you haven’t done so already.

I did that already. I there a power supply that runs the day time running lights and the fuel pump

There are several wires that come off the positive post of the battery. Use a voltmeter, or test light, to check these wires to the power distribution center they go into. The swelling in each wire is a fusible link. Check for power (12 volts dc) on either side of each fusible link. Check the wires coming out of the power distribution center. If you get lost in these checks, you’ll save time, effort, money, by getting an electrician to take over for you in the circuit troubleshooting.