Truck will not accelerate until sufficiently warmed up

I am trying to understand why my truck will not accelerate until it has warmed up some…any ideas are welcome

Giving us the year, engine size, transmission type, mileage, and performed maintenance are all helpful clues.

The fuel filter may be restricted. If so, you’ll have enough fuel pressure but not enough volume of fuel for acceleration on a cold engine

The fuel pressure/volume may be too low from a weak fuel pump. A cold engine requires more fuel and if the fuel pressure/volume is too low from a weak fuel pump there’s not enough fuel for acceleration on a cold engine.

The coolant temp sensor for the computer may be defective. If this sensor is telling the computer the engine coolant temp as at operating temperature when the engine is cold there won’t be enough fuel for acceleration on a cold engine.


thanks,it is a 94 ford ranger, 4 cylinder, manual transmission, second engine, 28000miles. Recent maintenance includes, new cables to distributer caps, new gas filter, new battery and a host of other things that seem not to be related to the issue

When I have an accelleration problem on a Ford of this vintage, the first thing I like to pick on is the mass airflow meter. It’s the electronic device located after the air filter and before the air intake boot. Has two T-20 tamper proof torx screws. Unplug electrical connector, remove screws. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes so the hot wire cools down. Use some spray electrical cleaner to clean the sensor element/s. Let it air dry, do not use shop air. after it dries, reinstall MAF and test drive.

will try and let you know the results…many thanks