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Truck step tube rails

After 4 yrs. my tube rails rusted thru bad enoug that i had them removed. Anybody know the life span of these expensive items?

Get the new ones rhino-lined and they should last much longer than the truck. And you won’t slip on the darn things either.

That’s a good idea. Rust proofing paint might be slightly less expensive.

The direct answer to the OP’s question is it depends. It depends on where you drive. Find yourself a nice dedicated route between Jacksonville, FL and San Diego, CA and rust should never be a problem again.

These step tubes don’t last long here in Minnesota.

What happens is, the debris from the front tires sand blasts the chrome off the bottom of the tubes. This then exposes bare steel to road salt and snow. Since these tubes aren’t made from a heavy gage steel, it takes no time for them to rust out.

If you want to prevent this in the future, apply strips of 3M Scotchgard paint protective film over the bottom half of the tubes. This will protect the chrome from being sand blasted away.


4 years

My attachments rusted right off besides the pits in the finish. I thought 4 yrs. was a short time.

I guess I’ll just jump in the cab without them.