Truck smoking from below engine

I just got done repairing a transmission line that kept popping off, changing tranny fluid and filter and swapping out and a thermostat on my sonoma. I just turned on my engine to flush the radiator and noticed the engine was revving high and saw smoke coming out from below the left side of the engine (The left side if you were facing it). It turned out I forgot to plug in the IAC valve cable and the cable next to it . Does any one know what the cable nect to the AI valve cable is?

This really worried me because about a week ago my truck overheated and idled around 1500 rpm. The entire under body is still covered with tranny fluid. It went everywhere so I’m not sure if its the fluid burning off.

All the fluids are fine besides the coolant obviously. Does any one know what might cause smoke under these circumstances, besides the transmission fluid everywhere? Would you guys let it run if the engine run to do the flush if the temp didn’t get to hot doing the flush? I’m afraid there’s something wrong with the transmission, but It has always run fine and the pan looked clean when I changed the filter. Can it overheat at idle?

Never mind. It was the clips!

Smokey clips? I was guessing that the exhaust pipe had a coating of oil or coolant. What would you want to flush? Are working on a toilet?

FYI, in north america, the drivers side is the left side.