Truck and suv headlights

why aren’t the headlights on trucks and suvs focused to hit the ground at the same distance a cars lights are set at?

Because they sit higher up and you can see farther down the road.

Not…Years back, the DOT abandoned all headlight regulations and allowed stylists to uses whatever headlight buckets they could make fit in the space allotted to headlights. Some work pretty good, some blind oncoming drivers, some hardly work at all. Night driving has become an every man for himself crap shoot as far as lighting is concerned. Many of us long for a return to the old glass sealed beams, which large over-the-road trucks still use…

And then there are those of us who are glad for the improvements in automotive lighting since the days of the sealed beam headlight, and do not care to go back. To each his own.

The worst is not the trucks and SUVs but the high end cars with the blinding blueish headlights.

I guess a high end SUV with those lights would be the worst of the worst, but I don’t see those that often.

They’re aimed at the same ANGLE. But if they were tape-measured to be the same number of feet in front of the truck they would hide below your field of vision.