Direction of car headlights

Do auto shops no longer how to aim / direct car headlights? It seems more and more that the headlights of people behind me are aimed directly at my rearview, often blinding me. Just wondering if there’s a standard that has changed or something?

It’s always blinding, and the later headlights are too bright.

Might also be the gradual increase in the ratio of suvs & pickups on the road now which sit higher in relation to your car.
You might try to take notice ; of the headlights that seem too bright to you , are they on taller vehicles ?

It’s been the standard since I’ve been riding or driving in vehicles. Your VW gti sits low so most vehicles will sit high for you.

It seems to be a mix - not just SUVs. But I’ve noticed this while in other cars too, not just my VW.

It could very well be the technology of lenses and reflectors.
Older cars and trucks had the refraction as prizms in a lens in front of the bulb.
On most newer ones you’ll see a clear front lens and all the light aiming and focusing is by means of faceted reflectors behind the bulb.
The ages of cars on the road is gradually shifting.

I guess the new technology is working quite well and you’ve noticed.

Another factor to consider is your own eyes.
I can tell you from personal experience that, when cataracts begin to set in, the glare of headlights–both oncoming and as seen in rearview mirrors–can seem to be much more intense than they really are.

The process of cataract formation is gradual, and as a result, many people are not aware of what is happening.
And, if you think that this condition is only seen in the very elderly, I can tell you that this is not necessarily true.
In my case, I had a type of “early-formation cataracts” (not the medical name, but descriptive none the less) that began to form when I was in my early '50s!

Following surgery (first one eye, and a few months later, the other eye), those “blinding” headlights did not seem to be anywhere near as bright as they had previously.

Marie–Do yourself a favor and have your eyes examined by an Opthalmologist.

Many of todays car headlights are not adjustable or limited as to the amount they can be.

Thanks for the tip. I’m 37 and sincerely hope it’s not cataracts yet, but I do wear glasses. I’ll ask about this when I go for my regular annual eye exam. Also, I’m not the only one in the car who has noticed this. This happens to other drivers of my car, and I’ve heard other drivers comment on it when I’ve been a passenger in THEIR cars. This made me think it wasn’t just related to my VW, but something happening to headlights / manufacturers in general.

Seems like several of the replies suggest that it’s just the new technology and that adjustment options are limited. Rats.

I agree that some of the headlights are much stronger than others.
The worst for me, just to generalize, are on Fords, Toyota SUV’s, and Audi’s with HID lights.

Now, at the same time, the people driving those vehicles must enjoy the ability to see the road better than other people driving their cars, but I bet they don’t have a clue how bad it is to the rest of us.

What I really hate are the idiots driving down the road with their high beams on.
You don’t know how much I wish I could take a ball peen hammer to their headlights.


I have came accross some cars with the aftermarket ultrabright bulbs, they just replace the low beams. When I run accross them, I know I have because I’ll turn on my high beams and they’ll start flashing their high beams at me which are dimmer than their low beams. Unfortunately for them they go back to their low beams which are brighter than their high beams. This motivates me to leave my high beams on for them since they don’t have low beams. We do have a machine for aiming headlights, it doesn’t get used much.