Trouble replacing 2010 Subaru Forester headlight socket

The original headlight socket melted. Cut the old one out and stripped the end of the wires, twisted them onto the new socket to test, attached new bulb, and headlight does not turn on. I now also hear a high pitched electrical whine coming from the center of the engine when the power is turned on, whether the new socket is attached or not.

How bad did I screw up? Why is the new socket not working? And advice/questions appreciated. Thank you.

You may not have screwed up at all. Something else failed and melted the old socket. You replaced the socket but did not fix what caused the original problem. You now have to start back tracking the wiring until you find the problem. This is time consuming if you have good electrical skills, this is expensive if you pay a competent mechanic to do it.


Check fuses.
It’s possible the contacts in the melted socket came together and shorted.

Likely a relay is buzzing. See if you can identify which one to at least I’d the circuit. Sometimes there are other relays in the bank that have the same number. You can temporarily substitute one to see if it is the circuit or the relay.

Can you check for voltage to the socket?

I’m guessing that’s the problem. Don’t yet have a good low-ohm electrical contact w/bulb.

Better find the source of the buzzing first. You may have a dead short someplace.