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Trouble keeping my car running

So i have a 2006 dodge grand caravan and it randomly dies while im driving the power doesnt go out but the engine dies sometimes it starts back up and sometimes it doesn’t want to turn over it even dies while idle i had the alternater replaced and a new computer put in what could be other possibilities?

The list of possibilities is endless considering you didn’t tell us anything about your car except it being a Dodge Grand Caravan. Post details, a lot of them, and we’ll try and help.

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… beginning with…
Is the Check Engine Light lit-up?
If so, is it on “steadily”, or is it flashing/blinking?

Its on and when i got it check it says catalysts converter but the mechanic i take it to said that shoyldnt effect the driving

so that’s probably a P0420, which doesn’t mean a bad catalytic converter, it just means a sensor isn’t giving an expected response (much more likely a bad oxygen sensor than a bad catalytic converter). That shouldn’t cause the car to randomly die, though. I wonder if you have more pending codes…take van to autozone and have them scan for codes and put them up here (PXXXX) and we’ll see if we can help you. What has this mechanic done so far to try and fix your van? I wonder if these problems are beyond what he can diagnose…

The mechanic has a code reader only the catalystic converter problem comes up the mechanic changed my computer and alternater so far

neither of which is related to Catalytic codes (and I really doubt the original computer was bad if it’s been changed and things haven’t improved)…I think you need a new mechanic.


Was the computer changed prior to this issue for another reason? Or was it changed due to your current issue?

It was changed after the problem

The car will do nothing sometimes when trying to restart it? Or will the engine turn but not start? I’m maybe wondering about a possible bad engine ground.

I’m also assuming all symptoms were the same before and after the computer swap.

When trying to restart the car the engine will turn but not start and it gives a jerk just before it dies.

And yes the same problems before and after the computer was changed.

Everytime im driving it randomly turns off the lights stay on but the car dies it jerks just before it dies out and sometimes hesitates when trying to restart it the engine turns but wont start. Also the oil light is the only light on the dash board when its dead.