Trouble cranking

On two occasions this week after driving & parking the car,when I tried to start up again I turned the ignition key on & nothing happened.

The dash board dials swung wildly when I tried to crank. Both times I waited a few minutes , turned the key again & it cranked right over. It was not a weak crank like the battery was dead.Could it be a bad cell in the battery ?

The first thing to do is just pull and clean your battery terminals. Then put them back on and make sure they’re tight.

And make sure BOTH ends of the cables are also clean (well I guess you should already have the battery ends cleaned.)

Thanks…everything is wire brushed…

Did you clean the surface only or remove the cables and clean the contact surface?

Thankyou… posts were wire brushed & cleaned…cables were removed & wire brushed inside & out & wiped clean…so far no starting problems…