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Trip report 5000 miles last month, 2002 Sienna with 190,000

Not a question, but a trip report.

Last month, I returned to the States for my annual visit. This is with the 2002 Sienna with around 190,000 miles on it. History on this board includes a brake computer problem, but also a low efficiency cat converter CEL failure that went away by itself a year or two ago.

Also, at one time a evap problem, fixed by replacing the charcoal canister. And, I must note I got one such CEL failure in McAllen before the Florida trip, reset it, and it did not come back. So, I anticipate a future replacement of that canister, sigh.

830 miles from home across Mexico to McAllen, and of course 830 miles back home after visit.

I also drove 2900 miles round trip from McAllen, to Jupiter, Florida, with a side trip to Boynton Beach, Florida to visit family. Ran perfectly. Got 23.80 mpg on the trip, usually driving around 1 mph below the posted limit. A couple places the speed limit was 75.

I did stop on the way to Jupiter, in Ocala, to see a classmate from high school, class of 1960. She was the hot cheerleader back then. She isn’t that hot at 70, but what a fantastic personality! Now, with hormones out of it, I can see why she was so popular, and it was that personality. My wife was also enchanted with her.

With local driving in McAllen, I am guessing 5,000 miles total on trip last month from home to home. Ran perfect except for the one time evap code.

But, how sweet it is to be home.