Valve cover leaking/power steering pump wet - fix?

I am the happy owner of a 98 Toyota Sienna van with 133 thousand miles. At a recent maintenance at the dealership I was told that the valve cover gasket is leaking ($520) and the power steering pump is wet and starting to leak ($623). I have noticed nothing amiss - should I wait for leaks or signs or should I get them fixed - if so, in what in order. I am the original owner and hope to put another 65k miles on my Toyota - but don’t want to spend money before its time! Thanks

The valve covers are a common leak point on Toyota V6s. If you check both oil and power steering fluid levels frequently, and if it’s not dripping enough to bother you, then you don’t need to fix it. If the oil consumption increases, then you might reconsider. Also, find a good independent mechanic, neither problem requires the high-priced labor of a dealership, nor do most maintenance items.

texases is right on. And, in general, you’ll be better off finding a trustworthy local mechanic’s shop rather than the dealer.

I haven’t noticed any leaking at all or any oil consumption. I will check the power steering fluid and oil levels frequently. The dealership said that the amount of oil being leaked by the valve cover gasket burned off - that if I saw any dripping oil it would mean that it was leaking a lot, that most oil being leaked was burned off. (I’ve had beaters in the past where the oil drip was certainly visible!) Thanks!