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Travel trailer

Would Like to find out if my 95 ford f150 5.0 ltr will toll a 29 ft travel trailer and how will it handle the load traveling from Boise,id to Yellowstone

The towing capacity should be clearly stated in the owner’s manual. What does the loaded trailer weigh? This sounds like a lot for an F150.


I think you are right at the limit for a '95 F150 when it was a new truck. New F150’s can handle a lot more tow weight. Your truck must be in tip top shape, suspension, steering, brakes, motor and tranny. You should put a bigger transmission cooler in the truck before the trip. Make sure the trailer brakes work properly, hopefully the trailer will have electric brakes and you have a good controller installed in your truck.

It could be a white knuckle trip when you are in the mountains. I don’t think I’d be comfortable with this truck for this trailer on this trip.

Equalizing hitch .
aka; weight distributing hitch.

One of the most important and overlooked towing neccessities.
Even if the truck’s springs can handle the trailer’s tounge weight. >>> I speak from first hand experience

using the equalizing rig is a godsend.
otherwise the two suspensions will bounce your teeth out as they argue over the bumps in the road.

Equalizing hitch and trailer brakes, definitely get them. Other than that, Boise to Yellowstone isn’t that far. Any further though, then get the transmission cooler as well. You might change the transmission fluid before this trip though.

It’s really hard to generalize what kind of success you will have towing your trailer w/o specifics relative to your truck. Your max tow weight could vary anywhere from little more than your present requirement(not good) to 10k (the minimum i would feel safe) depending upon your rear gear ratio. Right now it’s all just a guess.

The number of miles all ready on your truck and the condition of the frame (rust) and transmission are all factors in a truck this old. I doubt too you can tell us what your actual travel weight including gross vehicle weight will be either when packed and loaded.

You should go to a shop that specializes in towing, have your vehicle evaluated with specifics, especially rear ratio, in hand. It could be a vehicle waiting for a breakdown with a Honda Accord type actual tow weight, or you could have a 10k monster with sufficient cushion to tow this weight.

I had an F-150 about four times and I would just say no on the trip where you are going. I see too many things with words like summit and pass and falls that will make for a miserable tow project. That 7,000’ Targhee Pass looks like the worst part of the trip. Names like Mountain Home, King Hill, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls seem like dares to me.

6400 pounds…You should have 600 pounds tongue weight…Yeah, the old F150 can do it but it won’t LIKE doing it…A 4:10 or 3:90 axle is almost a must…So is a tranny cooler.