Trany is in limp mode

ihave had my 2002 grand caravan in several times every time it is stuck in second gear and does not shift engine light is on all the time can not drive past 40 because the car races. have replaced the tcm and the soleniod also all brand new the scanner always reads 888 please help me i can not find any thind else wrong

How did you get this code? This is not a good code. What kind of scanner are you using? If it is a code reader it probably does not have the capability of reading manufacturer specific codes, thats going to depend on the type of code reader. I’m thinking you might either have a communication problem between the scanner and vehicle or there is something wrong with the scanner/code reader.


the scanner is a solous

A regular scanner probably won’t get the transmission computer’s codes. If it gets any, they may be pretty general and not of much use. I’d take it to a transmission shop and have them scan it. There’s a lot of info available from the diagnostic codes on these–everything from when the fault occurred to how much clutch material you have left. Avoid any shop that won’t do this but instead wants to charge you to disassemble the tranny to do the diagnostic. This may ultimately be needed, but they should scan it for free or at most an hour’s labor fee.

A Snap-on Solus should have no problem reading TCM codes. Its the 888 that bothers me. I’m wondering if the 888 is an error code for the scanner itself. I’m not positive because I’m not too familiar with the Solus. I have a MODIS. I would check it on another vehicle first. It might just be a bad data cable on the scanner. Been there done that, have had to replace data cables before. You might want to call Snap-on tech support, they are pretty sharp in diagnosing these.


I’m sorry the code is po888 and I did go to autozone and they read my tcm which I just replaced on the 30 th