Transmission won't shift

my '95 van is unable to shift beyond 2nd gear. how can i fix this problem ?

Engine size… When was the last time serviced?? Hows fluid level and condition?? Is this a Grand Caravan?? 3 speed or 4 speed…


My '89 Caravan had a wheel speed sensor fail, and this shoved the transmission into limp-home mode, which meant it would not shift out of second. Just saying.

It is a 6 cyl. Dodge Caravan Automatic 4-Speed & recently serviced in good cond./fluid levels fine

OK, with this transmission being fully electronic, you are going to need to have a transmission shop scan the TCM (The transmission computer) When the TCM finds a problem it will give out 2 digit trouble codes. We need to know what codes it is putting out. Thats going to be where we start.