Transporting vehicle that burns oil badly

I’m about to buy a 1989 ford f250. It burns oil bad, no compression on #1, and there is an oil puddle in the #1 combustion chamber (visible through spark plug hole). Seller suspects bent/broken valve. I will be rebuilding the heads myself. The tricky part is, the truck is 240 miles away, and its too long to fit on any trailer available to me. I might go the route of getting a AAA membership. BUT I’m exploring the option of driving it back here. PCV valve has already been replaced, so my game plan would go something like this: Change oil to thicker viscosity, add some sort of treatment for oil burning, drain old gas and replace, bring a few extra cases of oil, and stop to check oil level often. If it dies then I’ll call community towing or someone similar.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Which oil additives are best for stopping oil burning short term? Potential major issues?

Any help is appreciated, but don’t just try to speak fear into my plans. That doesn’t help. I will get it done one way or another. Thanks!

AAA will probably only pay to tow you to nearest shop or dealership. any further you would have to pay. and the tow truck driver is not going to tow it hundreds of miles away.

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you could rent a car carrier from U-haul and tow it home instead of worrying about breaking down on the road 25 miles away from where you picked it up. it would be cheaper in the long run.

That Would be true, except, as I mentioned, the truck is much too long for that. Extended cab long bed. I believe the wheelbase is 155"

When I had AAA the limit was 100 miles anything over that was on a per mile basis.


What I would do in that situation would be to try to find a trucking co. that had low boy flat bed trailers to haul it for you or possibly a car transporter.

Look for a commercial transporter that has the correct equipment.
As far as the engine, consider a rebuilt long block, bummer to rebuild the the heads then find out the bottom end is worn out.

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For reference: The truck is an extended cab long bed (155" wheelbase) roughly 8000 lbs I believe. 4x4 5 speed with manual locking hubs. So no, a tow dolly isn’t gonna cut it. And I believe flat towing is illegal here in california.
I’m fine with paying a tow company, but I’m just exploring all options right now. Thanks for all the effort!

I may have to pick up a long block (roughly $2500), but I doubt it. These 460 BB bottom ends are tough from what I hear, and she’s only got 150K. Anyways, I wouldn’t mind having to pull the heads a second time and dive into the bottom end. I’ve got time. :slight_smile:

Do any of you have any recommended car transportation services in cali? Thanks

Can’t help you with the commercial carrier.
Yes, you may get lucky the bottom end is in good condition.

I dont know what you have to pull a trailer but they are in CA.
Big Trailer Rentals | Nation’s Leading Trailer Rental Company
just a thought. good luck.

Thanks for the link. I appreciate all the effort mate :kissing_heart:

Good luck with your project. Nice thing about California vehicles, usually no rust issues.

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The AAA thing depends on your regional office. Each one has different benefits. I believe you can get a 200 mile tow from some of them with the higher-priced packages, but don’t quote me on that.

I’d be surprised if they would tow it in this situation.

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AAA might ask for proof of ownership, the title and registration are still in the sellers name.

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I don’t know that AAA will tow a broken down vehicle from wherever to me, I’d sure want to check before shelling out the money for the ‘deluxe’ membership needed for long distance tows.

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Somehow, I’m a bit skeptical that someone can enroll in a brand-new AAA membership, and then reap the benefits of an extremely long-distance tow a day or so later. AAA might not have the best business model for our new era of extremely reliable vehicles, but I doubt if they would be taken-in by a “buy a AAA plan today and get unlimited towing tomorrow” strategy.

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AAA is an insurance company. You don’t buy insurance after an accident and then submit a claim. There is a name for that.

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Agree check the fine print I had AAA for about 6 yr’s before I dropped them I used their service 2 to 3 times a year during that time it seems that I live to far out { Heck there is a pizza shop that delvers 8 miles from my house and they say that I am out of there range } every time I called them they said it would be a least a four hour waiting time one time I needed a jump start it took the guy three and a half hours to show up from 60 miles away it turned out to be another problem as the jump would not work called back for a tow said it would be another four hr’s I canceled and got my own tow the last time I tryed to use them they gave me the same BS about the time involved an were trying to find some one to help me again I got my own tow. I am not sure but I think if you do not buy their insurance they put you at the bottom of the list they kept trying to sell me on their insurance but they couldn’t come close to what I pay.

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