i have a 1996 ford taurus lx about 147.000 miles…last night i went out and start the car up then when i was in the car it started to die so i gave it some gas and it started to spurding really bad so i turn car off…got out of car i wlk in frount of car i seen some this pink gel all under my car and in frount of my car and what could cause that…

Thats the mixing of oil and trans fluid im guessing. Not good.

i did check trans fluid on dip stick and it was find…nice and red

Why does the subject line say “transmission”? What does it mean to say it was “spurding really bad” ?

Is your coolant in that car red? My 98 mustang uses the green stuff. I thought the red was for GM cars unless someone added the wrong coolant.

You most certainly blew a gasket of some sort. My guess would be the head gasket. No where is pink gel added to an engine. Oil is mixing with another fluid. I guess your coolant in this case? Hence its fouling the plugs causing a rough idle.

Im not a mechanic just a hobbyist so dont take my word as definite, but regardless, sounds like oil mixing with something else and Im guessing a bad head gasket.

it wasn’t spurding really bad till i step on gas.i can go right out there and start the car the car will start right up…i was just trying to get someone to help me out

Do you know how to pull spark plugs? Pull them out. If theyre wet thats a sign. I wouldnt run the car anymore until someone else can chime in on this.

Just the rough running when you give it gas could be all sorts of things, but the pink gel thing is cause to be concerned about something pretty major.

the oil is find and coolant is find

i did ckeck the spark plugs and thay look find…if i let the car werm up car runs just find

When the problem first happened was the car cold or warmed up? Had you driven it earlier?

The coolant isnt going to circulate until the engine is hot enough for the thermostat to open. If you have a bad gasket id suspect thats when itd start leaking out the mixed up gel.

If this pink gel came from your car there is no way the oil is fine, coolant is fine, and trans fluid is fine. Plain and simple. Maybe the gel has fallen to the bottom so the dipsticks and reservoir isnt showing it.

when the car was cold

According to a website I just read ATF (auto transmission fluid) and coolant mixed together are “hello kitty pink”

what should i do ?

Have the car towed to a good mechanic. Driving or running it could further damage it.

Best case scenario you have a bad trans seal of some sort and that has to be cleaned and replaced and the fluids changed. Again Im not a mechanic and Im not there to see it. Call a few transmission shops around and tell them about the pink gel and get some estimates for atleast the evaluation

i do kno the the radiator been licking coolant from the side…

In Arabic, spurd is the track of animal, like otter, the spoor.

“Still waiting on definition of spurding.”


It would also be nice to know if there was any attempt at all to maybe pop the hood or look underneath to try to locate the source of the “pink gel”

Is it possible that the OP is trying to tell us that this gel/liquid is spurting from somewhere under the hood?

In any event, after reading …“i do kno the the radiator been licking coolant from the side”… I hope that the OP is doing his/her best to prevent dogs & cats from licking the coolant. Automotive coolant is a deadly poison and will kill animals after they suffer great agony from internal organ failure.

Spurd = Spurt (although I originally thought sputtering of the engine)
Find = Fine
Lick = Leak

Now that all the grammaticle BS is out of the way,

OP, how are you going to tell me the coolant was “find” when you now much later admit to the radiator leaking? Wasting peoples time.

The only thing you can do is have it towed to a mechanic