Six months and about 2000 miles ago we had the transmission rebuilt on a 2002 Mazda Protege. That transmission has gone out. The first transmission shop to look at it said the bands were shredded and that the motor mount had not been put in. The guy who did the acutual work says that a bearing came loose and that it has nothing to do with what he did. Does this make sense. It would seem that rebuilding a transmission would include the bearings.

“The guy who did the acutual work says that a bearing came loose and that it has nothing to do with what he did.”

Of course he did. That might be his story whether it’s true or not. Of course the first transmission shop has an incentive to badmouth the other guy too.

Did the transmission rebuild come with a warranty? Did you get it in writing?

What happened to the rebuilt trans?? What do you mean that it “went out”?? What exactly did it do to “go out”???


the check engine light came on and it went into what my husbaND CALLED LIMP mode. The first shop told the original guy that it was messed up and he needed to fix it. When it first started it would not change gears. This happened all of a sudden as my husband was driving to work. This is an automatic transmission.

Limp mode will default the transmission to 3rd gear if the computer picks up a fault. Do you know what trouble code the computer set?? This is very important because your problem might just be electronic.

If OPs were knowledgeable about automobiles they wouldn’t be posting here looking for help. And because the OPs are “out of there element,” they often don’t know what to say to explain their predicament. That leaves myself,and I assume others, to cross examine the OP and attempt to read between the lines of the OPs story and hope to make sense of it and then hopefully give good advice. Occasionally I throw down pretty hard on one side or the other as I see fit but mostly I try to be somewhat neutral. In this particular problem I am hesitant to condemn the shop for any wrongdoing other than being obfuscating and dismissive of the customer but in doing so they make themselves appear incompetent in their repair and deceitful in the subsequent problems. But, I guess all the people who are well pleased with their mechanics have no reason to post here. I hope the honest, ethical, competent shops are not becoming more scarce. Best of luck darlmam.