I have a 97 Subaru outback legacy wagon with 168K. More than half of those miles are HWY miles.I had a used transmission ,48K miles on it, put in at Canadian Tire in Ingersol, Ontario in late Aug "07 due to a breakdown during vacation. There was an odd smell to the car when I picked it up but I chalked it up to fluids spilled during the process. 2 wks later It was still smelling and I noticed a leak. My local mechanics found the differential drain very loose and most of the fluid gone. They replaced the fluid, & put in a new gasket. About 3 weeks later I was still noticing the smell and when the oil was changed asked them to check the differential situation. They said that the axle had too much play in it and was allowing the diff fluid to escape. The transmission is on a warrantee so I called Ingersol. If I get the car to Toronto, the source of the replacement transmission, they will assess it and make repairs. Toronto is about 600 miles away. Besides the inconvenience, I don’t know if the car can go that far without further damage. Isn’t there another way to have the transmission assessed and repaired? I need some suggestions. Thanks