will the trans from 03 honda odyssey work on a 00 honda odyssey /now is the engine mounting pattern the same and if so is it interchangeable i know i would have to change trans computer and a few odds and ends all i want to know is it possible

The engines are the same so it should.

Is it possible? Yes. Anything is possible if you want to spend the money. Is it worth it? No. The 2000 trans is a 4 speed and the 03 is a 5 speed. The engines are not the same, at least not in their programming. Find the correct transmission and you will save money and potentially serious headaches.

Isn’t this your second post about this? Did you ignore the first responses?

The transmission went from a 4 to a 5 speed in 2002 (I think). It probably won’t work as a plug & play item

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