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how do you replace the transmission rear seal?

Hmm, I tempted to say by inserting your wallet. Is there any info you might share about the car, truck, spacecraft you are referring to?

I asked how to replace it on your own, if you don’t know, then I don’t need your advice, thanks

Replace the seal on what car, truck or spacecraft. Or was it an oil seal on a deepwater well?

I think that what euryale meant is that you didn’t provide full vehicle info. Its true that “land rover discovery” appears in the tag line of the post but those are often overlooked.

It would be normal - nay necessary - for such a question to post the vehicle’s year, make & model info in detail, including the engine & transmission type.

My own inclination is to say that if you have to ask and don’t really realize that all of this info is necessary then you probably just should have someone else do it.

However, if you want to do it, you absolutely want to get a vehicle repair manual that will give you the procedure.

You are quite correct. I was snarky. Sorry.

where do I get a repair manual for a 04 land rover discovery? I have heard and have been told there isn’t one available?

Try Google. There are a bunch of online and order places for manuals of all types.