For two years my 1999 Subaru Legacy SW with 119,000 miles on it will at times not go into any of the forward gears. I will sit and wait or put it into different gears and eventually (so far) it has always slipped into drive. I was told by a dealer to get a new transmission but is it worth putting $4,000.00 into a car that probably isn’t even worth that much? What could I sell this car for “as is” being honest about the transmission problem?

It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it…Before you condem the transmission, I would have an INDEPENDENT transmission shop look at it and perhaps service it…

But if it’s on it’s last legs, I’m guessing it has a value of $800-$1000 something like that. Subaru’s are popular and a back-yard rebuilder(S) may be interested in it…

I did some internet digging and more than a few Legacy owners of the same year or later report intermittent hesistation and stalling during shifting. I’m not sure your problem is related, but I do know that an intermittent transmission is like an intermittent light bulb. It’s not the bulb.

As to what this car is worth for resale, that depends on the demand. Supply is certainly limited, but is there any demand?

I would never put $4k into this car.

However you may want to see if putting a used transmission in and rolling the dice works out.

Get a 2nd opinion irregardless.