Is it normal to have a slight hesitation when shifting from forward to reverse,and reverse to forward?

I’ve noticed this in my GMC truck and Honda Accord.

I’m not having any problems with these vehicles i think,but thought I’d ask anyhow.

Is there a momentary lag because of the direction change?


You should be completely stopped before shifting from reverse to forward or forward to reverse. If not, yes there will be a lag as the inertial energy is absorbed by the torque converter. And you’ll be asking putting an unnecessary strain on your drivetrain. You’re suddenly changing the direction of a few thousand pounds of vehicle.

Good points Thanks

Some cars also pause for half a second or so before engaging the gear you select in order to avoid unnecessary wear on the transmission if you’re heading toward a different selection and just happen to be moving the lever slowly. I don’t know what year your Accord is, but I know that newer Hondas/Acuras do this, for one.

The Accord is a 2007 Truck is a 2004

I’ve never seen enough of a delay to comment on that wasn’t present all the time. Does the initial engagement to either range/selection from PARK have any delay to it? I’ve had this when the ambient temps were extremely cold …but that’s about it. It was fixed with a fluid change to synthetic.

I really didn’t have a concern on either vehicle. Both vehicles shift fine.
My query was if anybody else noticed it in their vehicle.