My reverse in the transmission seems like it is getting weaker by the day, so i try to avoid using it, it has always not liked reverse, it makes a loud clunk noise when i put it into reverse, is this my reverse in the transmission going? or an issue with the transfer case? or a linkage problem? any ideas? thanks

What year and mileage Blazer? Maintenance history?

it is a 91 s10 blazer, i have no recorded maintenance history, i just bought the truck about 2 months ago or so

Number of miles?

almost 134,000, not sure exactly but it is 1337xx

Hard to say off hand about the clunking noise. It could be anything from the inside of the transmission itself, the transfer case or drive line back to the differential. Someone is just going to have to get down there and look real good. As far as the weak reverse tell me exactly what is happening. Is the transmission slipping??


Transman is right. You need to check the driveline. You need to rule out slop in the driveline joints all the way to the wheels. Significant play in the joints will be more noticeable in reverse since normal forward driving leaves the driveline in contact with the bearing seats. Also check the tranny and differential mounts for play.

More specifically, check the universal joints in the drive shaft(s). Is it 4 wheel drive? Also check your ATF level.