have '95 silverado, auto trans,v8,2wd. tach, speedometer, shifter light have stopped working. Also transmission will not shift on its own and shifts harder. Cleaned all electrical connections possible and have replaced the speed sensor. Any ideas would be appreciated

You’ll need to give folks at least something to go on. How many miles are on that transmission? At what intervals has it been serviced (if at all)? Did you check the transmission fluid? Is it at the right level? How does it look and smell? Why did you replace the speed sensor?

Add to those questions… Did the transmission problems start at exactly the same time as the instrument cluster stopped working correctly?

Classic symptoms of a bad ignition switch. This is a very common problem in these. The bad ignition switch is causing intermittent power to the transmission and the cluster. Change it and your problems will go away.


Yes, everything at the same time. All other guages worked except for speedometer and tach, shifter light. Everything came back on for a couple days and everything worked fine then acted up again. The symptoms of bad speed sensor was no speedometer and no shifting out of first automatically. Even though an older model everything is fine working order, well…, and to date has been well maintained. Excellent truck and very dependable for years now.