My car barely made it to the parking lot. When I checked the transmission fluid (motor running) there is no fluid in there. If I put fluid in it will the car run? How many quarts should I put in?

If the fluid is that low, some damage probably has occurred. It may work with added fluid, it may not. Add fluid anyways, 1/2 quart at a time until the fluid level is readable. How much total depends on how much is missing. On a lot of transmissions, 2 quarts low will not show on the dipstick. Most transmissions refer to trans fluid capacities in pints, which are 1/2 quarts. The torque converter holds the most, so a pan drop will only remove about 10-12 pints. I’d get at least 5 quarts. If the fluid addition makes it work again, immediately check for leaks. If all clear, do a pan drop fluid change as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the fluid level to make sure it is not leaking anywhere.

If adding fluid does not work, you probably need a transmission shop to look at it.

99% chance the friction elements are destroyed, this thing probably super heated. If it does run, it probably wont for long. As far as how much fluid to put in, well, what year is your Neon?? This is important as the Neon used 2 different transmissions.


Thank you very much.