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Car won’t start a lot. Clicks. New batt. starter 1/09. Suggested it was clutch or trans. May run batter dead if tried many times.

If the engine will not start, it is not a problem with the transmission or clutch. If the engine runs but the car will not move, you can suspect the clutch and/or transmission.

It sounds like you have problem with the engine catching after it is cranked i.e. you are cranking the engine so long that the battery is being fully discharged and/or you are burning up the starter motor. I assume that the engine is cranking at the correct speed i.e it sounds like the engine should start.

How does the engine crank, catch, and start once the engine is warmed up? How well does the engine run once it has started? Are there any other driveability problems when you are going? Get back to us with answers and we can go from there.

Hope this helps.

What year Kia and how many miles?