I have a 1992 Suburban. It has 160k miles on it. In Feb. 2007 it started to stick in second gear; it’s an automatic. I took it to a tranmission shop and they said they reloaded its computer but did not specifically know what was wrong with it. It ran fine for a couple of years, although I seld drive it anymore. Then this summer the old problem came back. A friend took it to a transmission shop for me and he got the same answer as I got in 2007. I have found another transmission shop to take it to here in Alameda. Does anyone have similar experiences as this?

Are you sure about the year on this vehicle?? A 1992 model is not computer controlled, at least the shifting is not. The only part of a 1992 that has computer controls is the TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) Otherwise, the transmission shifts through a governor.


I am positive it is a 1992 because I bought it new. I am simply relating what I was told by the transmission people.

Maybe “reloading the computer” is translated to “whacking it with a hammer?” Have you changed the fluid and filter in it (with the right formulation)?

Ok. Somebody’s feeding you a line. The trans in a 92 Sub is a 700R4 which is not computer controlled. The computer controlled version of this trans didnt come out until mid 93. The sticking in 2nd gear could be anything from a mis adjusted TV cable to a sticking governor or a worn or leaking 3-4 clutch assy.


The fluid and filter were replaced in 2007. It has not been driven very much since then When it finally shifts out of second gear into third, it does it with a bang and a jerk.

That sounds like the TV cable is adjusted too tight.


I had a similar problem with my 1993 Caprice. The drivetrain is similar to your Suburban.

The 700R4 shifting is controlled by the Throttle Valve (TV) cable. My Caprice has always shifted firmly, but not abruptly. The TV cable needed adjustment because the transmission was hanging up in first and then shifting violently into second gear. The adjustment has to be done in very small increments, it only took about 1/16" to return the shift points to normal on my Caprice.

Perhaps Transman can explain this better.

Here is the Throttle Valve cable adjustment procedure from the Autozone website.

Ed B.